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Lighting Africa to a Brighter Future


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Lighting Africa to a Brighter Future


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Lighting Africa to a Brighter Future


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About Us

About Us

Lighting Africa to a Brighter Future


Central Electricals International Ltd is an international electrical contracting company with our Head Office in Nairobi, Kenya and branches in Mombasa, Dar-es-salaam, Zanzibar, Kampala, Kigali, South Sudan, Zambia & Malawi. From our regional Head offices we have also been involved in working in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo & Liberia and have tendered for several projects all over Africa and Beyond.

Central Electricals International Limited was founded in 1951. Initially it was called Central Electric House in located in Mombasa, Kenya. In 1993, it was incorporated to an international company called Central ElectricaIs International Limited.

Its founder was Hassanali Suleman Meghji who later handed to company to his son Mohamed Meghji. Mohamed Meghji handed the company to his two sons Karim Meghji and Akbar Meghji.

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CEIL covers extensive services that include not only electricals but also data and telcom works

    Facilities Management

    • Installation
    • Service
    • programming
    • Load testing
    • Commissioning

    Generator Set Installations

    At CEIL we do Installation and maintenance for new & used diesel generators, electric power generator sets, automatic transfer switches, standby gensets & natural gas generators. We also offer full service shop where every generator gets load bank tested so most gensets are ready to run.
    • Transmission Lines
    • Transmission Towers
    • Substations

    Transmission Lines and Substations

    Power coming from remote power plants requires high-voltage power transmission lines, transmission towers, and substations. CEIL ensures installation of substations with the right output from all high-voltage electrical equipment.

    • Repair
    • Re-installations

    Preventive and Emergency Electrical Maintenance Works

    Nothing Lasts Forever

    Once in a while, there will always be need to replace worn out electrical works. CEIL ensures all preventive maintenance works are done professionally and to the best market standards. Electrical systems and electrical equipment deterioration is normal, and failure is inevitable over time. Failure from deterioration is typically a slow process, but severe conditions; overloading of systems, circuits and equipment; and excessive duty cycling can all accelerate the deterioration process. CEIL works on ensuring that all systems are to date and top notch.

    • Electrical Wiring
    • Altering
    • Maintaining
    • Lighting

    Electrical Works

    CEIL conducts all installations on all assigned sites, taking into consideration that the correct way of earthing and grounding the systems can help guarantee better operating efficiency and hence a longer life span. CEIL is equipped with personnel who are capable to undertake BTS, TRAUs, SWITCHES and ELECTRICAL among others. In addition to this, CEIL has partnered with heavy duty power installation companies making it very feasible when it comes to complete one stop electrical solutions to our clients.

    • RJ-11 / RJ-45
    • Intranet / Internet
    • Call center installations

    Telecom & Data

    CEIL telecom and data services includes current phone system geared towards a different business size, and state-of-the-art network infrastructure services Due to excellent improvements to the Voice and Data services Nationwide over the past few years, you can now benefit from upgrading to Telecom Warehouse's improved services. With our services, you will be able to customize so your needs are met and exceeded.  

    • Biomentrics
    • Eye Detectors
    • Face Detectors
    • CCTV

    Access Control & Security

    With the rising numbers of insecurity cases in domestic and business areas, there's need to ensure that there are systems in place to prevent easy access. Central Electricals works to enhance security through installation of state-of-the-art security systems.

    • Smoke Detection
    • Heat Detection
    • Automatic Fire Alarms
    • Fire Extinguishers

    Fire Alarm Systems

    A fire alarm system is a compilation of many devices working together to detect fire and warn people when smoke or fires breakout hence giving people a chance to vacate and prevent further damage.  

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    You can reach us on any of the following

    Head Office:

    Abacus Park Block D
    P.O. Bo -x 56111 00200,Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: +254-20-4 4 48029, 4 4 46025, 4 4 46035
    Tel: +254-71-0118111
    Tel: +254-73-6111811
    P.O. Box 999, Mombasa, Kenya
    Tel: +254-41-2223128/2312974

    Tanzania Office:

    P.O. Box 5968,
    Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
    Tel: +255-22-2700242
    Tel: +255-22-2668387
    P.O. Box 3058, Mazizini, Zanzibar Tel: +255-658-327949
    Tel: +255-788-786420

    Kigali Office

    BP 6748
    Kigali, Rwanda

    Tel/Fax: +250-583776

    Tel: +250-788-303747

    Uganda Office

    P.O. Box 6700, Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256-41-4505891

    Malawi Office

    Tel: +250-788-303747
    P.O. Box 30453 Blantyre, Malawi Tel: +256-883-301086 Tel: +256-999-119035

    Zambia Office

    609 Sub X Zambezi Drive Roma Lusaka,
    Cell +260761955512

    South Sudan Office

    Juba, South Sudan Tel: +211-954-764547

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